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We award $1000 every month to people like you who have creative ideas to make Cortez amazing!

Anyone can apply. Yep, even you!
Don’t worry if you’ve never applied for a grant.

Be the person who shapes the future of Cortez. We’ll connect you to your neighbors who are rolling up their sleeves to better our community. Our $1000 monthly grants are a small way to help turn your crazy and bold ideas into tangible realities.

You can submit an idea at any time. Our trustees vote at the end of each month and use the following criteria when deciding who wins.

  • Does it make Cortez, Colorado an amazing place to call home?
  • Does the money produce something tangible that can be seen?
  • Are you pushing yourself to explore something new?
  • Does your project engage the broader community?

Please note, there are a few uses of the funds that we will not consider:

  • To rent the ZU Gallery space (we can find other ways to partner, reach out!)
  • As seed funding for a for-profit start-up
  • To buy supplies that will solely benefit the project leader